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The most picturesque places to visit in Cancun while on vacations
Jul 15 of 2019 For Alfredo Nuñez

The beautiful destination of Cancun offers a wide selection of spectacular beaches and incredible activities, as well as very colorful, less popular spots…

Basic security tips for your house while on vacation
Jul 5 of 2019 For Graciela Larios

Enjoy fabulous vacations in the Mexican Caribbean without worrying about protecting your home. How? Take some security measures before traveling and everything will…

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The Most Popular Seafood Dishes from Mexican Beaches
Sep 3 of 2018 For Alfredo Nuñez

Many cities in Mexico have their own distinctive dishes that are part of their gastronomical and cultural offer. Even though they may have…

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The 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Chichén Itzá
Jul 31 of 2018 For Alfredo Nuñez

To the north of the Yucatan Peninsula is Chichén Itzá, base of the Mayan culture and currently one of the most famous archaeological…

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Places in Cancun Where You Must Take a Picture
Jul 4 of 2018 For Alfredo Nuñez

Cancun is one of those places where we hope to enjoy to the fullest and take pictures of all the possible attractions. For…

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3 Places to visit under $50 USD during your Cancun getaway
May 8 of 2018 For Denisse Lugo

Cancun has the most beautiful turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, you just have to put your feet on its white sand to…

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5 unavoidable places and activities in Cancun
Feb 12 of 2018 For Denisse Lugo

Cancun is not just a wonderful place with colorful turquoise beaches, cenotes and archeological zones with an ancient history, it also has amazing…

Photo session in Cancún
Oct 31 of 2017 For Denisse Lugo

Visiting Cancun for the fourth or fifth time is always an incredible experience, its blue turquoise waters is the perfect frame to keep…

Oct 30 of 2017 For Denisse Lugo

Unplug yourself from routine, get to know places and people or even having time for thinking and relaxation are some  of the reasons…